Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center
Stable Rules

These rules are designed for the safety of boarders, horses and guests. In addition to the rules on this list, Stable expects boarders and guests to be respectful of people, property and animals. Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center will be referred to, in this document, as Stable.

 General Rules

1.     No drug or alcohol use – anywhere, anytime!
2.     No smoking on Stable Premises
3.     Immediately upon entering the Stable premises, all visitors must sign a liability release in the form provided by the Stable – no exceptions.
4.     Please park only in designated areas and drive no faster than 5 mph while on the Stable premises. Please avoid honking your horn, setting off your car alarm or otherwise allowing your vehicle to make noises likely to spook horses.
5.     Balloons, firecrackers and other potentially noise-making items are prohibited.
6.     Boarders and their guests must wear closed-toe footwear at all times on Stable premises, even if not riding or handling a horse. Bare feet, sandals or other footwear that leaves feet exposed could result in broken bones.
7.     Stable premises hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm. If a boarder needs to be on the Stable premises outside of these hours, please discuss with Stable management.
8.     Boarders and their guests must conduct themselves with dignity and good sportsmanship.
9.     Stable has a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any animal or person.
10.  Boarders and their guests may not enter any buildings on the Stable property other than the barns, stores, guest lounges or waiting areas, tack rooms arenas, or public restrooms without prior permission from Stable management.
11.  Boarders and their guests should leave gates in the condition in which they find them (i.e., closed gates should remain closed, and open gates should remain open).
12.  If a boarder or their guest is the last person to leave the Stable premises in the evening, please close the barn doors and turn off all lights as appropriate.


Children under age 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, unless such child’s parents receive prior permission from Stable management. Small children must be within sight at all times. Under no circumstances may boarders or their guests allow children to yell, run or otherwise spook horses or annoy other boarders. No bicycles, motorized vehicles or noisy toys likely to spook horses are permitted on Stable premises without prior permission from Stable management.

Dog Policy

No dogs belonging to, or accompanying, borders or their guest(s) are permitted on the premises at any time. Exceptions to service animals may be made by coordinating with the management in advance. 

Barn Safety and Etiquette

1.     Boarders and their guests must keep their horses under control at all times.
2.     Boarders and their guests must pick up and put away tack, manure forks and all other equipment in designated areas after use.
3.     Boarders and their guests may not borrow or handle other boarders’ tack, equipment or horses without prior permission. This includes feeding other horses treats.
4.     Boarders and their guests are responsible for storing and security their own equipment. To prevent theft, consider taking valuable equipment home when not in use.
5.     When finished grooming or washing a horse, boarders and their guests must remove all manure, hoof pickings and loose hair and dispose of them in designated areas.
6.     Horses may be tied only in designated tie areas. When tied, horses must only be tied with a quick-release knot or panic snap.
7.     Boarders and their guests may not help themselves to hay, grain, bedding or other Stable property without prior permission from Stable management.
8.     If a horse is tied in a place where others want to pass through, please move the horse promptly so that they can pass safely.
9.     Feed, treats or anything else edible kept on the Stable premises must be stored in a rodent- and insect-proof container.
10.  Each horse must have a properly fitted halter and lead rope stored in plain view of your stall door or other designated area.
11.  If a boarder or their guest notices damage to a horse’s stall, paddock or pasture, they must inform Stable management immediately.
12.  No audio devices with external speakers such as radios, CD players, etc. are permitted on Stable premises without prior permission from Stable management.
13.  Boarders and their guests must keep the tack room, barn aisles, restrooms and all other common areas clean and neat.

Riding Safety and Arena Etiquette Rules

1.     Helmet Policy: Stable requires ALL riders under the age of 18 to wear a properly fitted, ASTM/SEI approved equestrian helmet with the chinstrap securely fastened. 
2.     Boarders and their guests must wear proper barn attire at all times, including close-toe footwear with a heel (no tennis shoes).
3.     Jumping Policy: No one may jump on Stable premises unless doing so as part as an instructor- or trainer-led lesson, or without prior written permission from Stable management.
4.     All riders and handlers must use tack that allows them to control their horses.
5.     Longeing Policy: Longeing when others are riding in the arena is prohibited without prior permission to longe from the riders. If longeing in the arena with riders, the horse on the longe line must be kept under control at all times and not interfere with others who are riding.
6.     Riding belongs in the arena, round pen and other areas designated for riding, not on the lawn, etc.
7.     Each rider and handler must treat other riders and handlers with consideration and respect. Riders going in opposite directions must pass left-shoulder to left-shoulder and riders going in the same direction must pass only on the inside. Each rider and handler must leave at least one horse-length clear distance between their horse and each other horse. If a horse is green or feeling frisky, its rider or handler should wait for a crowded arena to clear, especially if other green horses or novice riders are present, and warn other riders and handlers in the arena so that they may treat the horse with extra caution. If a rider or handler is in doubt about arena etiquette, they should yield to the other riders and handlers and call out their direction politely (e.g. “Passing on the inside,” “Heads up on the rail.”). More experienced riders and handlers should help less experienced riders and handlers by yielding the right of way and politely pointing out any unsafe arena use.
8.     Boarders and their guests using equipment such as jumps, barrels or poles must remove equipment from the arena and store it in designated areas after using it. If there are horses already in the arena, please ask their riders or handlers before setting up your equipment, as some horses may be spooked by rolling barrels and other equipment setup.
9.     Boarders and their guests may not use others’ poles, jumps, barrels or other arena equipment without prior permission.
10.  Turnout by Boarder or Boarder’s Handler: Turnouts are only permitted in the areas designated by Stable. Riders have priority over turnouts for arena use. If a horse is turned out in an arena when someone else wants to ride, the horse’s handler must remove the horse from the arena as soon as possible. Riders waiting to ride in the arena must politely ask those with turned-out horses to remove them from the arena. A Horse’s handler must be present at the turnout area at all times if the horse is turned out by its handler.
11.  If any rider falls, all other riders must immediately halt their horses and dismount, then call Stable management and/or 911 for assistance.
12.  If any horse gets loose, whether inside or outside of the arena, all riders must halt and dismount until the loose horse is caught.
13.  No sitting or leaning on any fences.

Going out of Town

1.     If a boarder will be out of town for 5 or more days, they must let Stable management know where they can be reached and when they expect to return.
2.     If someone else will be riding or otherwise caring for a boarder’s horse while they are away, the boarder must inform Stable management in advance. As a reminder, all Stable visitors are required to sign a release immediately upon entering the Stable premises.
3.     Before leaving town, please make sure to provide Stable management with adequate amounts of supplements, special feeds or any other special supplies that the horse(s) requires.

Leases and Other People Riding or Handling Boarders’ Horses

1.     Prior to leasing a horse, the boarder must obtain prior permission from Stable management. As a reminder, all Stable visitors are required to sign a release immediately upon entering the Stable premises.
2.     Prior to having a friend ride or otherwise care for a boarder’s horse(s), the boarder must obtain prior permission from Stable management.

Accidents and Injuries

1.     If any person witnesses and accident or injury of any kind, they must report it immediately to Stable management so that proper care can be administered. All persons on Stable premises must follow posted emergency procedures.

Outside Trainers and Instructors

1.     All outside trainers and instructors must be pre-approved by Stable management and must carry commercial liability insurance that names Stables as an additional insured. Boarders must pay any applicable fees, listed at, associated with using outside trainers at Stables. Outside trainers must reserve time for use of arenas and round pens and must stay within the reserved amounts of time or reserve additional time as available.