BMREC Is A Full-Service Equestrian Center

Douglas County, Colorado

Public Welcome
Ranch Hours: 8am-8pm Daily
Office Hours: 9am-6pm M-F; 9am-1pm Sat; Closed Sun

A Piece of History


Long before the Bell Mountain Ranch subdivision was built, Bell Mountain Ranch was settled by homesteaders a century ago, operating as a cattle and horse ranch in Colorado, serving a vital contribution to developing this part of Douglas County over the decades.

Visitors have commented that they can feel the stories of the past as they spend time on the ranch property. This is one of our favorite things about BMREC and is something we noticed the first time we visited the equestrian center.

While restoring the Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center in the summer of 2016, we preserved many its historical elements that give it life and tell its treasured story.  The original barn, pictured above, is still in place today as Creekside Barn. The original stalls and much of the interior structure remains in place and were preserved through careful restorations. Some of our offices and the Bell View Country Store are built within this barn, and it still serves as an indoor boarding location for happy horses, with the longest runs on the property.


A Peace That Renews



We believe the ranch itself, with its amazing horses and the world's best customers, generates the peaceful feeling that is present. It is our job to help keep that atmosphere and culture, and we are very mindful of this as we hire team members to work on the ranch as well as when we accept new customers.

Whether horseback riding, taking care of animals and the grounds or simply spending time sitting for a while, we hope you will experience the peace that is present at the ranch.

Our hope is for every guest and customer to experience a drama-free, peaceful experience of renewal whenever they are at the ranch. No amount of business is worth sacrificing this core value, and we take the responsibility to protect it very seriously. It is part of a daily discussion about the operations of the ranch.  


A Piece Of Our Heart


Some special touches are not even visible ...

But that's the way we wanted it to be. For example, you wouldn't know just by looking, but we completely reconfigured the underground water distribution system throughout the whole ranch.  Having clean, reliable supplies of water that are not interrupted by freezing temperatures or leaks in the system is what we hope all of the horses experience. To make that happen, we re-designed the whole system, starting at the well and branching throughout what is now several different underground distribution systems. In the unlikely event, some piece were to break, we can now isolate that part and keep the rest of the water flowing throughout the ranch. 

And some features are bigger than others, but each piece of the substantial renovations reflects the love and attention of those who carried out the work. We wanted not only to preserve the history of the ranch but for it to reveal dozens of carefully crafted special touches.

That's a small example of the many special touches around that ranch that we designed with special attention and love. Some, you will notice, and others we hope you take for granted because they help everything run smoothly. But we'd be happy to point them out if you'd like to come take a free tour of the ranch.

Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center, providing the BEST in Colorado Horseback Riding, is located in the south part of Castle Rock. Just minutes away from Downtown of Castle Rock, we offer miles of gorgeous views (from Pike's Peak to Castle Rock) breathtaking scenery and equestrian riding in Colorado that you and your family is sure to enjoy while visiting the our area. 


A Piece Of You


Our guests are each a part of the ranch

And we are all guests, even the folks who keep it running. Ownership changes hands over the decades, and customers come and go with time, but the ranch itself remains from generation to generation, greeting different guests over the years. 

And the contributions of the ranch's guests shape what it is and what it means. We hope you will get involved in any way you can and become part of forming the future of Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center.

Quite literally, it wouldn't be the same without YOU.