Member Area: Behind the Scenes

Installing New Footing For the Indoor Arena

We are super excited to be re-doing the footing in the indoor riding arena. When we renovated the ranch over the summer of 2016, we added additional material to the top of the footing, knowing we wanted to do a more in-depth treatment after researching footing options. This has been one of the most requested improvements from our internal team members and customers alike, so we are looking forward to seeing and testing out the finished product.


Step 1: Remove the top layer of existing footing


Step 2: Add packed clay to the footing base to fill in gaps


Step 3: Level the base of the footing


Step 4: Acquire new footing material

frosting up close.jpg

Step 5: Spread the new "frosting" material evenly on top of base

Step 6: Mix footing top layer with frosting material and spread

Step 7: Level out the finished footing

Check back soon for finished product photos...