Media Kit 

Intake Process

Our primary objective during the intake process is to better understand the condition of each horse before we bring him or her into our stables. Our Equestrian Center Director and our lead Trainer review each aspect of a horse so we can better serve its needs and the needs of its owner.

he first step in our intake process involves bringing the horse into the Equestrian Center. Our clients are free to arrange transportation or use their own to bring the horse on-site. As a full-service equestrian service provider, we can also arrange transportation to safely and quickly bring them to Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center.

Once on-site, our Equestrian Center Director and/or our Lead Trainer will help bring the horse out onto our center area for inspection. The initial inspection involves a close examination of the horse, looking for any cuts or injuries and taking note of weight, shape, and height. After this initial inspection, we need to see how the horse moves. If the owner is a rider, we ask them to take the horse themselves for a short ride around the facility, to examine its walk, trot, canter, and gallop. If the owner is an inexperienced rider, one of our riding experts will take it around under the permission of the owner.

Once the initial examinations have taken place, we enter the owner’s and horse’s personal information, including results from the examination, into our tracking systems. Each client may select from a long list of options for boarding, including indoor and covered stables, as well as locations in our outdoor pasture. Once selected, the horse is brought to its new home and a we create a new relationship with the horse and owner.