Located in prestigious Douglas County, just south of the Denver, Colorado metro area, Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center builds on a long, rich history of caring for horses and training their riding partners

Since 1870, Bell Mountain ranch has been a home for people and horses alike. Once a stopping point for travelers headed to the frontier from Denver, people from all over the world have visited the beloved Bell Mountain Ranch.

Though its foundation was in dairy farming, Bell Mountain Ranch became known over time for breeding, raising, and training Morgan horses.

Thousands of riders, both young and old, both experienced and novice, have enjoyed the trails and beautiful vistas of the Bell Mountain area. We are excited to share unforgettable experiences with you and your family as you join a piece of history, enjoy a peace that renews, experience a piece of our hearts, and discover a piece of you.


Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center is a family-owned, local operation.  Tim & Kathy Penrod are residents of the Bell Mountain Ranch community and own the ranch.

Previously known as Bell Mountain Ranch Stables, the facility had not been in operation for the past several years.

We purchased the property because we want to keep the equestrian center a highlight of the Bell Mountain Ranch community and hope everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of having the center operational again.

If you would like to get involved now, you can arrange a personal tour of the ranch or consider one of the many other ways to get involved.

Contact us for more information.