Charter Boarding Membership Terms And Conditions

An individual who signs an official boarding agreement with BMREC on or before December 31, 2016 and begins boarding no later than 1/31/17 (Customer) automatically becomes a Charter Boarding Member (Member) as soon as the horse begins boarding with BMREC and the first month's payment is made to BMREC.

Membership (Membership) continues as long as Customer remains an active boarding customer of BMREC, regardless of the boarding package to which customer subscribes upon initial boarding. Customer may change boarding package to other boarding location(s) and remain a Member, provided individual remains a boarding customer without any lapse or gap in service. If Customer ceases to be an active BMREC boarding customer, Membership terminates and all rights and privileges discontinue as of the time Customer is no longer an active boarding customer. 

An active customer is a Customer who 1) Is currently boarding a horse at BMREC, 2) Pays BMREC for boarding services, and 3) does not experience a lapse in time as a paying boarding customer of BMREC.

BMREC reserves to right to modify, at its sole discretion, the terms of the Charter Boarding membership  at any time and for any reason with 30 days notice to customer. However, BMREC will honor the price protection guarantee for active Members even if other terms, rights or benefits change.

As of October, 2016, the value of membership benefits is estimated by BMREC as approximately $2,000 per year.

Members signing boarding agreements or making boarding deposits on or before November 5, 2016 shall have free use of an outdoor trailer storage space, which ongoing use is subject to regulatory provisions beyond the control of BMREC, such as regulation from Douglas County. Members with this benefit (boarding agreement and/or deposit on or before November 5, 2016) may store one regular sized horse trailer up to 20 feet in length without charge in an outdoor location designated by BMREC. Member is responsible for having insurance on the trailer and understands that BMREC does not carry insurance protecting property belonging to Members and will not be responsible for theft, damage or other costs associated with the trailer. All members using the trailer storage benefit must sign a separate storage agreement with BMREC before commencing storage. Items other than horse trailers may not be stored without charge by Member in place of or in addition to the storage of horse trailer. 

Boarding deposits are subject to the terms and conditions of the BMREC Deposit Agreement which Customer must sign upon making a deposit.

Boarding rate protection guarantees Member will not be charged an additional fee for boarding services of the same type and same location if rates increase with time, so long as Member remains an active Member and boarding Customer. In the event Member changes boarding types or locations in the future, the pricing active at that point in time shall be charged as the new boarding rate, and that new rate shall not thereafter increase for Member so long as Member remains active as defined herein. However, if Member's boarding location changes as a result of a decision to relocate horse(s) by BMREC rather than by Member, Member shall continue to be charged the same price Member has been paying for the selected boarding package prior to the move.

Boarding type refers to the general type of boarding service purchased by Customer, such as, but not limited to, Indoor Heated Stall Boarding, Indoor Unheated Stall Boarding, Pasture Boarding, Paddock Boarding, and so forth. 

Boarding location refers to the barn or boarding area in which Customer's horse is boarded. Examples of boarding locations include, but are not limited to, North Pointe, Creekside, Breezeway, Northernmost Paddock in West Paddocks, North-West Pasture area, and so forth.

Free use of the indoor arena is subject to availability and scheduling. BMREC does not guarantee that indoor arena shall be available at all times Member desires to ride. Members may schedule use of the arena in advance or may use the arena on a first come, first served basis. Members are subject to the terms and conditions associated with indoor arena use. Use of indoor arena may be terminated by BMREC, in its sole discretion, for violation of the terms and conditions of use for the indoor arena, either for the remainder of a particular day, week, month, year or permanently, depending on the severity of the violation(s). Scheduled riders have priority over walk in riders. Use of the arena is subject to capacity restrictions on the number of riders using the arena simultaneously.

Member agrees BMREC may display a photo or photos of Member's horse(s) if Member provides BMREC with such photos, such as for the Wall of Fame, without compensation of any type and without any guarantee of privacy, protection from damage to the photo(s), or other types of loss or damage. Member may remove photo(s) at any time in the future.

Signed photograph of Member with ranch owner(s) and director(s) is subject to the timing and availability of photographer and ranch personnel. If ranch director is unavailable or a significant amount of time, an assistant director may take his/her place in the photo session. BMREC will provide customer with one 8x10 printed, signed photograph. Additional copies or sizes may be ordered if desired by Member.

Member may enjoy up to one (1) free bottle of water (regular size, BMREC or generic brand) per day per Member. Member may enjoy up to one (1) free can of soda (up to 12 oz) per day per Member. Water and soda are subject to availability and BMREC does not guarantee it will always have water or soda in stock, however BMREC will make reasonable efforts to keep these items in stock. To receive free bottle of water or can of soda, Member must request it from a BMREC team member who will record the free item in the store's register/inventory management system. Member may not serve him/herself the water or soda without the assistance of a BMREC team member.