Mickey Fouts and Renovations

One of the 250 bluebird houses Mickey installed to brighten up the area around Bell Mountain Ranch.


Wildflowers and Bluebirds are just a small part of the legacy Mickey Fouts left on Bell Mountain Ranch. His vision can be felt in every stable, in every step of the horse trails, in every detail of the equestrian center. 

When Mickey took over the property in 1999, the Ranch was in a complete state of disrepair. The two houses on the property did not meet building codes, the stables were not in working condition, and the rest of the structures needed serious work. Over the next few years, Mickey began work on reclaiming and renovating the property.

Mickey, with matching contributions by the Bell Mountain Ranch developer, also contributed to the purchase of 40 pounds of wildflower seeds to spread along the trails and open space as well as 250 Blue Bird houses which were purchased from the Colorado Division of Wildlife. These were mounted throughout the community.

On July 1, 2004, he drew the building permit and started construction on the Indoor Arena which would include attached box stalls. Despite increased steel costs, the EagleSpan arena, now known as the North Pointe Arena and Barn, was completed in December that same year. 

In five years’ time, Mickey built an equestrian facility that would be a positive and long-term addition to the Bell Mountain community. Over the next couple of years, more upgrades were made to the equestrian facilities and Mickey subsidized the day to day operations of the ranch.

Mickey Fouts’ efforts at Bell Mountain were a labor of love and a wonderful legacy to those who follow.

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