Magic Performance Mini-Camp - June 7

Magic Performance Mini-Camp - June 7


In this 3-hour camp, we will take cards and other ordinary objects found around the house, and I will quickly learn together how to turn them into amazing objects of magic!

As you practice these tricks, you will also learn how to build strong connections between you and your audience. Very important to me is helping you learn to meet new people, look them in the eye with confidence, speak with courage and amaze them with professional stagecraft.


About the Facilitator

Edward Hammond

Hi, I am Edward Hammond, known to many as the Wizard Hammond!  As early as 4 years old, I became fascinated with the unknown. I have studied magic from the greatest masters of our time for 20 years and have been performing professionally across the country for the last 7 years.  I have also been teaching magic to students of all ages around the world. I believe that magic is more than just performing tricks for other people. Magic is about connecting with other people and giving them stories to tell.

Check out my short video: