Lego Engineering Camp - June 24-27

Lego Engineering Camp - June 24-27


In our LEGO summer camps, we will be using kits and curriculum designed to help students master concepts of engineering with mechanisms, structures, and forces. The activities we engage in will promote students’ STEM understanding of simple and powered machines.

Students will come away from the camp with an understanding of basic engineering, architecture, and mathematics principles. They will also have the chance to improve skills in problem-solving and public speaking as they confront challenges and explain reasoning and solutions to their peers.



Camp - Day 1  Build two different types of cars and learn how they are affected by gears, wheels, axles, and friction.

Camp - Day 2  Build a hammer and motorized animals to learn about the functions of levers, ratchets, and cams.

Camp - Day 3  Learn about pulleys to build a fishing rod and a crane.

Camp - Day 4  Use knowledge of mechanisms and simple machines learned throughout the week to build a dragster and tackle an engineering challenge build.