Laptop Coding Camp // June 3-6

Laptop Coding Camp // June 3-6

173.00 every month for 3 months

Campers will quickly assemble their own pi-top module laptop and become oriented on how to create things like and LED light and sound show, musical instruments, and games. Campers will create really cool stuff during class by using a simple electronics kit that will teach them the basics of wiring and coding.

This camp’s price includes the cost of the laptop, which each student will bring home.

By the end of the class, they will have created many simple inventions that we will post to our camp blog (so parents can see) and will be prepared to invent new things after camp by following a host of accessible online tutorials as well as through their own creativity! The laptops also come with a lot of software that kids can use on their own at home to learn more about coding and have fun.

Because campers take home a functioning laptop they coded themselves, this camp is more expensive than most. To make it more affordable, when you register for this camp, you will pay in three monthly installments of $173 instead of one lump payment. Enjoy your new laptop!



Camp - Day 1  Construct a laptop computer, invention orientation / LED lights and sound show

Camp - Day 2  Build a theremin / Build a synthesizer

Camp - Day 3  Create an alarm system / combine the instruments you made before into one truly unique instrument

Camp - Day 4  Build a game to test your reflexes / Build a game to test how fast you can push a button

* Details may vary based on the needs/experience of the class.