Knitting Camp - July 15-18

Knitting Camp - July 15-18


A few years ago, Jonna, the facilitator, was in an auto accident. During the crash, she suffered a severe concussion. Her doctor suggested she be quiet and still, and to stay away from bright lights and loud noises. After several boring weeks of this, Jonna nearly went crazy!

She started knitting and crocheting for short periods and soon realized that she felt much while knitting. Over time, Jonna learned how powerfully the act of knitting and crocheting can heal and focus the mind. So this camp is much more than learning a skill - it’s about developing an ability that will bring a lifetime of peace, focus, and accomplishment.



Camp - Day 1  We will learn all about alpacas and how to clean and shear them.  We will feel and clean their fur, spin it into yarn and will also cover the basics of knitting or crocheting.

Camp - Day 2    We will select a pattern for our first project, practice basic stitches and learn how to read patterns.  Participants will be encouraged to continue their work at home after camp.

Camp - Day 3  We will continue working on our project and discuss other yarn and roving activities. New stitching will be introduced and practiced.

Camp - Day 4  We will continue working on our project. New stitching will be introduced and practiced.  I will work one-on-one with each participant to complete their project and discuss other projects they can start during the summer.