Chess Camp (Experienced) - July 22-25

Chess Camp (Experienced) - July 22-25


Our first priority is to have fun! There will be a lot of interaction, competition and laughing at ourselves. Chess will be used to teach life lessons. This game is all about moving forward and thoughtfully getting out of difficult situations. So is life!

When you move a chess piece, you can’t take it back. When you make a critical decision in life, you have to live with that decision. Chess helps with concentration, taking risks, improving logic, navigating rules, taking responsibility for actions and solving problems in uncertain environments.

And have we mentioned that chess is so much fun? Our facilitator has connections with professional, state, and nationally-renowned chess players and will invite some of these folks to join us, share their stories, as well as their greatest secret moves at camp when they are available. During the 3-hour Friday tournaments, campers will compete and win medals. We will also enjoy eating pizza and having lots of fun together!



Camp - Day 1  The history and basics of chess; campers will begin playing the game today!

Camp - Day 2  Learn opening strategies; team and individual practice competition.

Camp - Day 3  Learn game tactics; team and individual practice competition.

Camp - Day 4  Practice opening strategies and game tactics; final camp tournament with prizes!