Build Your Own 3D Printer 4-Day Camp // July 8-11

Build Your Own 3D Printer 4-Day Camp // July 8-11

149.67 every month for 3 months

Camp participants will assemble their VERY OWN 3D Printer! Campers will also learn the concepts behind 3D printing, the major components of their printer, how to “dial in” their printer to improve print quality, and where to find resources to continue to expand this hobby.

Participants will leave the camp with a desktop 3D printer, a spool of PLA filament, a handy reference guide, printed model(s), and a fun new hobby to enjoy the rest of the summer and beyond!

Because campers take home a functioning 3D printer and supporting materials, this camp is more expensive than most. To make it more affordable, when you register for this camp, you will pay in three monthly installments of $149.67 instead of one lump payment. Enjoy your new 3D printer!



Camp - Day 1  Learn the basics of a 3D printer (while watching a demo of the process)

Camp - Day 2  Assemble your very own 3d printer

Camp - Day 3  Print test cube and “dial in” the settings for your printer

Camp - Day 4  Print model(s) and explore model library(ies)

* Details may vary based on the needs/experience of the class.