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We love our riding students! But, due to high demand and our teaching standards, we are no longer accepting new riding students. Our focus is on helping our current students meet their training and riding goals.

If you want to join our waiting list, please click the button below and share your contact information. Once there is an opening, we will contact you to scedule your first lesson.

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Proper Riding Attire:

Do Wear:

  • Riding Helmet: a proper riding helmet is SEI and ASTM Certified. We have riding helmets for general use at no charge. Also, we offer helmets for all riders and ages here. For more information about SEI/ASTM, click here.
  • Proper Boots: Appropriate riding boots have a heel, to provide secure footing in the stirrup and prevent slippage during a ride. Riding boots are preferred as they have no zipper (which can bother a horse), a smooth or light-tread sole to slip in and out of the stirrups, a heel, and a tall shaft to prevent pinching the horse.
  • Long pants: Long pants prevent chaffing as you ride, as well as keep you warm in the winter and allow you to focus more on riding and less on discomfort.
  • Gloves: Gloves provide more comfort and control, regardless of weather. In the winter, gloves will keep your hands warm in the allow you to focus more on riding and less on discomfort.

Do NOT Wear: 

  • Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Sandals/flip-flops
  • Dangly jewelry