Ryan is our on-site assistant manager and has been since early this year. Before this, he was living in Colorado Springs, and was leaving the house around 6:25 to help us take care of all our equine friends. We are so grateful for him and all his hard work!

We asked Ryan how he liked being on-site, and he said, “I really like it, it’s straightforward. Everything I need to do is kind of the same with some slight changes in the day. But I like it being set with some slight random changes because I like to have an idea of what I’m doing in the day. Sometimes if I don’t, I’m unsure of what to do next because there are so many options. I can be kind of indecisive, so the structure of the work is good.”


At the same time, some of Ryan’s favorite things that he gets to do here are the random things that pop up every so often. Like fixing hay nets and fixing up small things around the ranch. This helps to break up his other work, which includes cleaning things and keeping the ranch well groomed and functioning!

Ryan, along with the other stall masters, does a lot of important work. He cleans the stalls, paddocks, and water troughs. Ryan also feeds the horses (which get fed twice a day). He says, “we’re all just here as kinda extra hands. All the stall masters are so great, and all work well together, so it’s a good team we have.”

He has also helped Matt while he was building gates. He helps get hay every so often as well, which means loading around 245 bales of hay into a truck.

Before coming here, Ryan was a vet assistant for about 2 years. And as his externship, he was on a ranch in Falcon, Colorado, which gave him some great experience with horses. He feels that being here at BMREC is an excellent fit for his personality, primarily because of the structured workday.

Ryan likes to spend time outdoors, especially fishing, hiking, and rock climbing. His favorite place he has hiked was off of “Gold Camp Road,” near Colorado Springs. Ryan says the hike was a little intense, but the view always makes it worth it. And when he isn’t able to get out, he also likes to play video games.

When he isn’t working or playing, he volunteers with the youth at his church. Once a week, he volunteers as a small group leader of some of the kids, and he says, “it’s probably one of my favorite things to do is be there for those kids.”

Ryan is very friendly with a warm heart, and always has a smile on his face. We are so happy to have him here. And we encourage you to say hi to Ryan if you haven’t yet, he is a wonderful person to have a conversation with!