Riding Lessons

at Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center

We believe in enriching, healing, and transforming lives, one person at a time, through the connection with horses. We offer lessons in English and Western riding styles, across all experience levels. In lessons, we focus on helping riders and horses work together for a safe, instructive, and enjoyable experience.


The safety of rider and horse is our primary focus during instruction. Our riding students also learn to care for their riding horse and correctly prepare for the riding experience. Throughout each lesson, we also believe each student should have fun and feel encouraged throughout the instruction process.


Riding Lessons

Lesson Details


Each riding lesson is held at North Pointe Arena and lasts for 60 minutes. Part of each lesson will be spent tacking up the horse and preparing both horse and rider for their time in the saddle.

Age Range

We provide instruction starting at age 7 but can teach younger students. If you have a rider under 7, we would love to meet them!

Proper Riding Attire

We maintain a strict dress code, for the protection of the rider. We provide helmets for each student. The student must wear boots and long pants. To maintain rider safety, we do not allow shorts, dresses, open-toed shoes, or dangly jewelry.

For more information about proper attire, click here.

ABout our Instructors

With our trainers, you get the best horse riding instruction in Colorado. Combined, these instructors have over 45 years experience introducing new students to horses, horsemanship, and a love for riding and the outdoors.


Ride with Megan

Megan Downey is the Lesson Supervisor here at Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center.  Megan teaches primarily Hunter/Jumper/Equitation English style of riding.

Her passions are building a welcoming team environment, helping each student realize their individual goals, and continuing to learn each day from our amazing equine friends. 


Ride with Leslie

Leslie Wenstrom has been instructing for more than 10 years. Horses have been in her life since she was 8 years old when she moved to Colorado, right next to the Ken Caryl Equestrian Center.

Leslie grew up doing the CHJA circuit and also partook in a group called the Westernaires, a mountain drill team in Golden, Colorado. She graduated from CSU with a Bachelors in Equine Sciences.


Buy Riding Lessons

Buying and scheduling lessons are easy at BMREC! Here’s how to get from here to the saddle:

  1. Select below which package you want to buy: single, five-, or ten-packs

  2. Buy your selected package; you should receive a confirmation email and code. Let us know if you don't receive it!

  3. Contact your trainer to schedule your lessons.

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Lesson Options

Private 5/10 Pack Lesson Packages

Save on riding lessons with our lesson packages!

  • These lessons may be used anytime.

  • They don’t have to be used up within a given month.

  • They can be utilized by different family members and can be scheduled multiple times per week or as far apart as needed.

Package Pricing

  • 5 Pack of Lessons: $325

  • 10 Pack of Lessons: $630

Group 5/10 Pack Lesson Packages

Group riding students must have a rider assessment and trainer approval before taking group lessons. Schedule this assessment via emailing or calling our main office.

Package Pricing

  • 5 Pack of Lessons: $300

  • 10 Pack of Lessons: $550

Single Riding Lesson

  • $70 per lesson

A single lesson is a great option for trying out lessons with us at BMREC.


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Riding Lessons


Proper Riding Attire

Do Wear:

  • Riding Helmet: a good riding helmet is SEI and ASTM Certified. We have riding helmets for general use at no charge. Also, we offer helmets for all riders and ages here. For more information about SEI/ASTM, click here.

  • Proper Boots: Appropriate riding boots have a heel, to provide secure footing in the stirrup and prevent slippage during a ride. Riding boots are preferred as they have no zipper (which can bother a horse), a smooth or light-tread sole to slip in and out of the stirrups, a heel, and a tall shaft to prevent pinching the horse.

  • Long pants: Long pants prevent chaffing as you ride, as well as keep you warm in the winter and allow you to focus more on riding and less on discomfort.

  • Gloves: Gloves provide more comfort and control, regardless of weather. In the winter, gloves will keep your hands warm in the allow you to focus more on riding and less on discomfor


  • Shorts

  • Dresses

  • Open-toed shoes

  • Sandals/flip-flops

  • Dangly jewelry

First Time Riding with Us

If this is your first time riding with us, welcome to the Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center family! We recently restructured our riding lesson program to better focus on each individual rider's needs. We look forward to working with you or your young riding student.

At your first lesson with BMREC, we want to talk about your goals in the saddle. Once we know where you want to go, we can pair you with the right trainer and horse to get you there. Regardless of experience, this first lesson is vital to set the benchmark for everything else we will do with you.

To get started, fill out the information below. We will reach out to you to schedule your first lesson!

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