Marissa has been around horses since she was 8 years old, which is when she got her first horse. Since then, there hasn’t been a time she hasn’t had one. She’s done barrel racing, broken three horses, bucking bronco riding (until she shattered her knee!), and trained horses. She has done both English and Western riding, and has experience breaking horses in each style.

She’s generally a patient person, and is extremely dedicated, organized, and hard working. Ask her about her color coding methods! She really likes working here because she gets to be around horses everyday and never has to stop moving. She also really enjoys talking to all of the boarders here too, which is common for everyone who works here. 

Marissa is preparing to be a police officer, and once she is 21 she plans to be on the mounted patrol in Roxborough State Park. Outside of work, she is a competitive swimmer and springboard diver, likes playing basketball, and loves anything outside. Some things she does outside include archery, hunting (bow and arrow, of course), and fishing.