About Maddy


I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s funny, my first time ever riding a horse was when I was 5 years old at a dude string in Montana. I remember it perfectly. I was terrified. I screamed and cried the whole time. Who knew a few years later being around horses was the only thing I would want to do!

For many years I rode in dressage and western. In high school, I competed in barrel racing and pole bending. I did a lot of liberty work with horses as well. I was also part of an equestrian vaulting team. We traveled around the states performing and competing, including the World Equestrian Games. Dressage, western, speed events, trail riding, and liberty work are still my favorite disciplines to work in. No matter what I am doing, establishing true harmony with the horse is always my goal.

For me, establishing a bond and communicating with your horse is the most important thing. Once you understand each horse's intelligence, you are ready to take your riding to the next level.

When I’m not at the barn I love to hike with my dog, paint, read, take pictures, and explore the outdoors.

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