Horse Training

at Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center

Our expert horse trainers will work with you and/or your horse on the goals that are important to you.

If you are:

• Working through a specific behavior issue,

• Looking to reach a higher level of riding, or

• Wanting to achieve a proper fitness level for your equine partner,

One of our experienced trainers can help you prepare and enact a plan to realize your goals.

Horse Training

Riding Session by Experienced Trainer

$50 / hour

$250 / 5-Pack

$450 / 10-pack

If your horse is working with your rider towards a competition or show, one of our experienced instructors will put your horse through the paces to maintain health, stamina, and strength.

Lunging/Groundwork Session by Experienced Trainer

$30 / 30 minutes

$250 / 10-pack

Holding consistent groundwork sessions is critical for your horse’s continuing health and performance. If you don’t have time to spend with your horse this week, our experienced trainers can spend a 30-minute session lunging your horse.