My name is Heather. I am 22 years old.

My hobbies are hiking, camping, trail rides on horseback, and spoiling my 3 year old Blue Heeler.

My passions are horseback riding (cowboy dressage and reining) and my leather business . My dreams are to have my own "Heather's Leather workshop" and own some land with a small farm house and LOTS of land for horses.


I've been working/riding horses for 7 years. I went to horse training school for 2 years to study leather work, horse nutrition, horse massage, horse training and riding. Then I went to Armada Bay Equestrian Center for a year to intern with Melanie Smith-Bredit and Tom Mowery. I studied horse training, riding, nutrition, and ranch management.

I applied to BMREC because I needed to get a full time job to pay off student loans, and I would like to improve my communication skills. One thing I love about BMREC is how calm and peaceful the horses and ranch are.