Boarding Packages

North Pointe Stables

  • 12 x 12 indoor stall w/ run: $845/month
  • 12 x 12 indoor stall no run: $845/month
  • 12 x 14 indoor stall w/ run: $945/month (only 1 available)

Creekside Barn

  • 12-13 x 10.5 indoor stall w/ XLarge run (east-facing): $695/month
  • 12-13 x 10.5 indoor stall w/ Large run (west-facing): $645/month

Breezeway Barn

  • 12 x 14 outdoor stall w/run: $595/month

Paddock Boarding

  • Shared paddock, shared shed: $475/month

Pasture Boarding

  • Shared pasture area, shared shed: $435/month

Available Discounts

  • Bell Mountain Ranch Subdivision Residents: 10% discount on boarding rates
  • Groups bringing 3 or more horses to board together receive a 10% discount on boarding rates
  • Multi-horse discount (3 or more): 10% discount on boarding rates

Riding Instruction

Riding Instruction: Private (1 rider)

  • Private single riding lesson: $65 per 1 hour lesson
  • Private riding lessons 5 Pack: $275 per pack
  • Private riding lessons 10 Pack: $500 per pack

Riding Instruction: Semi-Private (2-3 riders, per rider)

  • Semi-private single riding lesson: $50 per 1 hour lesson per rider

Riding Instruction: Group (4-6 riders, per rider)

  • Group single riding lesson: $40 per 1 hour lesson per rider

Use of Stable-Owned Horse For Stable-Provided Lessons

  • Per lesson: $10 (waived until further notice)
  • Per month (regardless of # of lessons): $35 (waived until further notice)

Use of Stable-Owned Horse For Outside-Instructor-Provided Lessons Onsite

  • Per lesson: $25
  • Per month (regardless of # of lessons): $90

On-Site Lessons From An Outside Instructor

  • Facility usage fee: $10 per hour per horse
    (fee does not include use of a stable-owned horse)


Training (per horse)

  • Training: $65 per 1 hour session
  • Training 5 Pack: $275 per pack
  • Training 10 Pack: $500 per pack

On-Site Training From An Outside Trainer

  • Facility usage fee: $10 per hour per horse

Additional Featured Services

Arena Rental for Indoor Events

  • For meetings/events, per hour w/2 hour minimum: $100/hour
  • Half-day arena rental for events (up to 4 hrs): $350
  • Full-day arena rental for events (up to 8 hrs): $600

Service Packages

  • Combination Pkg. (1hr lesson, training or riding per week): $225/month
  • Medical Pkg. (unlimited routine/minor medical care): $250/month

Riding Services

  • Riding for general exercise or enrichment: $40/hr
  • Riding as part of a training program: see Training section

Hauling Services

  • Transporting one horse up to 100 miles (total per trip): $150
  • Additional per-mile charge beyond 100 total miles per trip: $2.50
  • Fee for additional horses hauled on same trip (max of 6): $25 per horse
    Depending on available trailers, we may place different maximum numbers of total horses per trip

Boarding Extras

  • Additional Turnouts: Each additional turnout per week beyond those included in selected boarding package: $50/month per horse
    Example: 3 additional turnouts per week: $150/month per horse
  • Blanketing: As required, when not already included in selected boarding package: $50/month per horse
  • Indoor Arena Use By Boarder: Scheduled unlimited (as available) use of indoor arena when not included in selected boarding package:
    $50 per month for first horse; $35 per horse for each additional owned horse being boarded at BMR Equestrian Center
  • Facility Use By Non-Boarder (outside of lesson/training sessions):
    Scheduled unlimited (as available) use of indoor arena, outdoor arena(s), and round pen(s):
    $25 per use per person
    $100 per month for one person
    $75 per month for an additional member of same household
    $250 per month for up to 5 members of the same household
  • Arrangement of Grooming, Veterinary or Farrier Services:
    $25 per appointment per horse plus cost of services(s)
    Waived for routine and minor medical services if customer purchases the Medical Package (see separate listing)

Technology Services

  • Use of iStable Mobile App: Included in all boarding packages. This app allows you to see recent care activities and notes regarding your horse as well as add notes for staff of the Equestrian Center.
  • Live Stream of Your Horse's Stall: Through a dedicated internet address: $75/month per stall
    Only available for stall-based boarding (not paddock or pasture boarding).
    Only available currently on stalls in the North Pointe Stables. Subject to network outages beyond our control. 
  • Personalized, Password-Protected Webpage For Your Horse: With photos / videos added regularly for no additional charge: $100/month for 1 horse; $150/month for more than one horse on the same webpage.
  • Technology Combination Package: Get the live stream of your horse and the personalized webpage together (for 1 stall/horse): $140 per month. Only available currently on stalls in the North Pointe Stables.
  • Photography / Videography Package: A collection of photos and videos added regularly to your iStable account's media section. Note: unlike the personalized webpage, only you will be able to see these photos/videos (whereas the webpage can be seen by anyone you share the password with).
    $50 per month per horse for all photos/videos
  • Professional Photography: Whether of you and your horse together or your horse alone. $350 per session for professional photos, with up to 10 professionally-edited photos and access to the unedited images. Add $25 per additional person included in the photos beyond the first 2 people.

Additional Grooming Services


  • $25 handling fee + cost of service

Routine Grooming

  • Coming soon

Special Occasion Grooming

  • Coming soon

Additional Medical Services


  • Coming soon

Parasite Control

  • De-worming



  • Birthday party
  • Other celebrations

Outside Competitons

  • Coming soon

Special Classes / Events

  • Steer roping

Horse Sales & Purchases

Selling Your Horse

  • Commission

Purchasing Your Horse

  • Commission

Other Services

Temporary Care

  • Horse Temporary Day Care
    • Per Hour
    • Per Day
    • Per Week
  • Overnight boarding (short-term)
    • Per Day
    • Per Week