About Colorado Pioneer Adventure Camp

Come experience Colorado History in a hands-on, fun-filled camp! We will learn about state symbols, early settlers, what brought people to Colorado in the first place and how they lived and made a living.

You will NOT be sitting in a classroom listening to a boring lecture. On the contrary, we will be out in nature panning for gold in a local creek, cooking over a fire, making crafts, taking hikes, learning pioneer songs, playing games, and learning a ton about our awe-inspiring state!



Camp - Day 1  COLORADO SYMBOLS. During our first day together, we will make some fun crafts all having to do with Colorado state symbols. We’ll learn a little more about the importance of Pikes Peak we can see just outside our Hay Barn classroom, learn the Columbine Song and hike a trail to look for other Colorado symbols.

Camp - Day 2  WHAT DREW EARLY SETTLERS TO COLORADO? We’ll learn the legend of the Tommy Knockers who helped the early miners that settled in our state while panning for gold. We’ll also learn about the Indians of Colorado, the Cliff Dwellers, and Basket Makers while making our own baskets!

Camp - Day 3 COLORADO FOLKLORE AND INTERESTING PLACES. Have you heard of the Colorado Cannibal, the secret cave in Colorado Springs or the Grave of the Vampire? On this day, you will learn about some mysterious legends of our state, including the UFOs of Hooper and Butch Cassidy’s missing gold!

Camp - Day 4  COLORADO PIONEERS - While cooking some johnny cakes outside and making homemade ice cream, we’ll sing some pioneer songs and learn more about how kids in early Colorado played and worked. While eating our homemade food, we’ll make some pioneer toys like cat’s cradle and button yo-yo!


5 years old and up


$199 for 4-day, 12-hour camp


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Camp Dates and Registration

Select the dates and Colorado Pioineer Adventure Camp sessions that work best for your camper. There is a morning and an afternoon session available in July. Morning sessions run from 8:30am to 11:30am. Afternoon sessions run from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

4-Day Camps

July 8-11, 12:30pm-3:30pm

July 15-18, 8:30am-11:30am


About the Facilitator

Stephanie Pollock


Hi, I'm Stephanie Pollock. I'm a mom of eight kids, a former 4th-grade school teacher, and practically a Colorado native who LOVES Colorado! I treasure our beautiful state and all of the fantastic things that make Colorado what it is.

I love teaching children and am always up for a new adventure! Come escape with me to the past and in just four days, learn to look at this incredible state with a new set of eyes!