At the Ranch: August 2018


Meet Julie, one of our boarders here at BMREC!

Julie has been boarding with us since February of 2018. Right around that time she found her newest family member: Zion! Zion is her 2-year-old Friesian / Arabian - Bright Bay.

Julie, a rider since 12, has lived in Colorado for ten years. So, Zion is one lucky horse! What does she love most about Zion? "He's gentle with the children, curious, intelligent, and playful."

Julie and her nine children love boarding at BMREC. In fact, all eleven members of her family love animals and love helping out here at the ranch!

Julie told us she loves it here at BMREC. She enjoys the "friendly staff; [the] relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere; [and the] clean environment."

"[Zion is] gentle with the children, curious, intelligent, and playful"

But it hasn't all been fun and games. Julie said Zion used to be challenging to blanket, and he had some shyness too. But, Julie is proud to announce that she and Zion have overcome these challenges together, which we are so happy to hear!

Thank you, Julie and Zion, for being part of our family!

Say Hello to Megan!

Megan is one of Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center's extremely dedicated team members! Megan is our On-Site Manager and Lesson Program Supervisor and has worked here since September of 2016.

In this interview, Megan has told us all about her history with horses. She shares her first and favorite memories with them, one of her treasured moments at the ranch, and why she loves horses so much.

How long have horses been a part of your life?

I was besotted with horses since before I can remember. Every chance I could get I would do pony rides and hired trail rides. All of my toys and games growing up revolved around horses. I rented every horse book in my county library at least two times. Eventually, when I was nine, my grandma signed me up for weekly lessons. For a kid who up to that point couldn’t find something to be good at and stick with, I held fast to the horses and the riding, which have been a main focus of my life ever since.

When and what was your first memory with a horse?

The first time I remember was at Disneyland when I was 5 or so. I have a photo of me petting one of the large Belgians they have pull around carriages.

What is your favorite memory with a horse?

Each horse has something to teach you, be it awe at what you can accomplish together, power, gentleness, tact, or humility. I don’t have a favorite memory, because most of the horses I have worked with are branded in my memory with great lessons learned. I will say though, I will always cherish the memory of fox hunting on Patton, one of the greatest, biggest-hearted, and most willing partners I have ever worked with. Also, riding Pia, Sue Lightner’s lovely mare, and learning how to communicate for perfect leg-yields - she demanded perfection and in so doing taught me to understand the subtleties of aids, balance, and rhythm. I will never forget what Splash taught me: how to conquer your fears by riding correctly and with confidence.

What is your favorite memory here at BMREC?

My favorite memory at BMREC has to be with one of the students I’m blessed to teach. She came to me with anxiety about jumping, bus also with a good foundation and skill. After about 6-8 months of working on pieces of a course, she was able to have fun jumping a full course on Firefly. The journey in supporting someone so that they can learn how to enjoy something they once loved again and continue to succeed is something I will never forget.

What is it that draws you to horses? What do you love about them?

Growing up I was very shy and never had many two-legged friends. I always gravitated towards the animals: horses and dogs will always hold a special place in my heart. If you treat them with kindness, respect, and honesty, they generally respond with loving reciprocation. Horses have a way of softening the soul, slowing the mind down, and can give wholly of themselves in a way I’ve never experienced with another creature. It’s truly humbling.

Do you currently have, or ever had, horses?

My family never had the finances to own horses, and I’ve held many positions where I’ve been blessed to ride many nice horses without needing to own them. Through high school and college, I spent enough time with a good handful of horses to feel like they were my own - and indeed they touched my heart and own a piece of it. My mare Audree, who was given to me a few years ago, is the first horse I’ve ever owned.

Events and Activities at the Ranch in August 2018


Monthly Trailride

Free Events

When: Saturday, August 18th at 10:30 am

Ellen will spend ten minutes with you and your horse for FREE practicing trailer loading! Spaces are limited to please, RSVP ASAP by reserving an appointment with us!

IEA Team Show

Free Events

When: August 25th

Our IEA Team will perform a show  in support of newly formed Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian IEA High School and middle school team 


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