At the Ranch: February 2019

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Baby it’s Cold Outside

We recommend that you keep your horse’s hooves clipped. Well clipped hooves are less likely to chip in the cold. They hold less snow and will provide a bit more grip on the slippery ground.

Horses are much better adapted to the cold weather than we are.  But the cold weather requires extra time for a horse to cool down and dry out before turning out after a ride or blanketing.  

If your horse wears a blanket during winter weather make sure it fits well. This will prevent rubbing and chaffing. Remove the blanket to check for skin irritation and regular grooming will keep your horse more comfortable during months when a blanket is in use.

If you would like your horse blanketed during the colder months and are unable to do so yourself we are happy to help out. If you don’t already have one and are interested in adding this service to your boarding contract please contact the office @ (720) 639-9043

Suggestion Boxes

At the last Boarders' Meeting, we talked about installing suggestion boxes. We are happy to announce they are now installed!

There is one in each of the barns and stocked with paper and pencil. We check them every other day so you can be confident we will see your suggestion.

Next time you are here, please feel free to write any suggestions, comments, or concerns. Your suggestions will help us build a better ranch experience!

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We want to thank all those who have participated in the Boarders survey. Your input has helped rank the several property improvement projects slated for this year! As part of these efforts, we have procured new hay and have already started using it as of February 6th.

Matt, with the maintenance team, has already started building the gates for the Breezeway runs. This is the first step to rebuilding and stabilizing the stable floors. Also, with the colder snowy weather, some of the sloping turnouts are not in use. Please note that Matt and the stall masters are working hard to keeping the horse rotating through the turnouts available.

We are also making adjustments to your use of the indoor arena. Our goal, with everything, is to reduce confusion and frustration with riding in North Pointe. You will soon see the new Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center indoor arena guidelines posted.

For your convenience, there are many open riding times in the indoor arena throughout the week.  Open riding times include:

  • Saturday, from 12:30 pm until 2 pm,

  • All day Sunday, and

  • Every day from 7 pm to 8 pm.

On Monday through Friday from 11 am until 1pm, there is limited space available during lesson time. During these times,  riding will operate on a first come first serve basis.

Stay Warm and Healthy,
The BMREC Team

Summer Camps are Coming!


Summer camp at Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center is the easiest way to introduce your child to the joy of horseback riding . Your child will have a unique experience, mixing learning, games, and time in the saddle.  

Our camps are built for kids ages 8-11. We will have six riding camp sessions throughout the summer. Registration for BMREC riding students opens February 15th; public registration starts February 22nd.

If you're interested to get early registration, click the button below and pre-register for summer horse riding camps!

Employee Spotlight: Maddy


Maddy is our newest trainer. When asked Maddy remembers being seven years old when she discovered a dressage barn down the road from where she lived. Maddy began to sneak out of the house to pet the horses. She instantly fell in love and then and there determine that she would learn to ride. This resolve led her to a job walking the neighbor's dog to pay for weekly lessons.

Maddy has ridden dressage and western for many years. In high school and beyond, she competed heavily in barrel racing and pole bending events. Maddy also spent time as part of an equestrian vaulting team. The team traveled around the country performing and competing. Maddy's travels included participating in the World Equestrian Games. Whether it is dressage, western, speed events, trail riding, or liberty, Maddy believes that establishing true harmony with the horse is always the goal.

A favorite memory was a ride she took with a horse named Tux, through the mountains of Wyoming. He was a magnificent, black quarter horse. They reached the top of the mountain as the sun was setting bathing the landscape in gold. Together they enjoyed the view. Caught in the moment, Maddy lost track of time only to realize that it was getting dark. Within moments it was utterly black, and she had no idea which way to go. Surrounded by wilderness and mountains and with the sounds of a distant owl and a running river, Maddy let go of the reins and Tux lead her home.

“There is something unique and special about communicating with animals. Horses are so inspiring. I am drawn to their beauty and power. They are a living art form. Through my work with horses, I am constantly learning to become a better version of myself. I attribute a lot of who I am today to horses.” -Maddy

Welcome to the Ranch, Maddy.

New Employees at BMREC



McKenzie is one of the new stall masters here at BMREC. She is 23 years old and is very passionate about horses. She has worked with horses before joining the BRMEC team.

McKenzie told us, “I have worked with and owned horses my whole life.” McKenzie’s favorite things about working here are that it is very organized and there is a friendly staff.

McKenzie’s hobbies are riding horses, hiking, playing guitar, and painting. She considers herself to have a passion for making the planet a better and healthier place. McKenzie is that she dreams of building a tiny house in her spare time.


Rachel is another of our new stallmasters. She is 23 years old and planning to start a farrier school this month. Rachel was drawn to BMREC because she used to drive by the facility and say, “wow, I’d love to work there!” So when she saw there was a job opening she “jumped on it.”

Rachel has been riding horses since she was eight years old. She spent the last three summers wrangling on a guest ranch in Teton County, Wyoming.

When asked what she likes most about BMREC, she told us, “I love that I immediately felt like a valued member of the team.” In her spare time, Rachel enjoys cooking, hiking, riding horses, and binge-watching Greys Anatomy.




Lane is also a stall master here at BMREC. He is 17 years old and is currently a junior in high school. One of his dreams is to rope in the PRCA and National Finals Rodeo. Lane loves horses and even says, “if you like horses you know there’s something special about them.” He even has two of his own! Lane has ridden horses since he was less than one year old. His dad used to hold him while he was riding! Lane also likes to rope. He has told us that he “liked all the horses here. They’re all so good” and are “no trouble” when he is cleaning the stalls and letting them in and out. In his free time, Lane likes to fish, hunt, and rope. He is also very passionate about horses and rodeo.


Chase is 17 years old and is a stall master here at BMREC. He is a junior in highschool and dreams of going to college for agriculture or animal sciences, and later running a big cattle ranch or rodeoing as a pro. Chase loves horses. He really loves being around them, which is why he applied here. Chase told us, “I had heard about Bell Mountain and thought it would be a great fit!” He has a lot of experience with horses, too. He has been riding since he was very young and has loved horses for most of his life. Chase told us that what he likes most about BRMEC is how everybody gets along. Both the employees and the boarders. In his free time, Chase likes to “rope, ride broncs, and fish.”