At the Ranch: June 2018

At the Ranch: Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian Center

Newsletter: June 2018


A Home for Your Horse!

The most important decision you can make in your horse's life is where they will live. When deciding where to board, there are many critical things to consider.

At BMREC, your horse has access to the best nutrition and preventative care in Colorado. Your horse will also live close enough to see whenever you wish. And, their home here is private and secure so you can enjoy those special, private, one-on-one moments with them.

Our pasture boarding offers everything your horse needs. Each horse enjoys beautiful views, long, lush, green grass, and plenty of space to run and canter to their heart's desire! 

Interested in a more natural environment for your horse that will remove virtually all restrictions from their daily life? That is precisely what you will receive when you pasture board your horse with us! Our pasture boarding offers everything your horse needs. Each horse enjoys beautiful views, long, lush, green grass, and plenty of space to run and canter to their heart's desire! 

On top of those benefits, each pasture area has a large run-in shed complete with its own an attached tack room for sheltering your horse and sheltering your equipment. Also, when you board with us you will have access to 26 miles of open trails surrounding the Ranch, which will not only allow you trail access without having to trail your horse anywhere but will also provide you with plenty to do and explore right here in Castle Rock!

We only have four spots left in our pasture so reserve your horse's spot soon!

"He's my best friend, in animal form"

Emily and Urento

Emily is one of our boarders, and the owner of a fifteen-year-old black bay Dutch Warmblood named Urento, who’s better known around the barn as ‘Eddie.’

Emily describes Eddie’s personality as “Very sweet, but also kind of a goofball.” She says the thing she loves most about Eddie is that "he's my best friend, in animal form."

What's happening at the ranch 


Were getting new footing in the indoor arena (wash sand) on Tuesday, June, 5th!

We have also started mixing a product called Hydrext into our water to clean the sand in the mornings. Using Hydrext has helped us in many ways. For one, it helps us to use 300 gallons of water every three days instead of 600 gallons every day, reducing our weekly water use by 79%. It is beneficial for the sand because it helps it to retain it’s composition for a more extended amount of time, remaining sand for much longer and reducing the tendency for it to turn into dust.

Hydrext also helps the sand to stay a preferable consistency and not compact as hard, which is better for your horse's joints and their feet. What is so special about Hydrext is that it breaks the surface tension of water, or in other words, it acts as a detergent, causing the water to stick to the surface of the sand rather than to itself.

In short, Hydrext acts as an extremely cost-effective water extender, allowing us to use less water while also elongating the life of our sand, which is both essential for water use and good for your horse.

Click here to read more information about Hydrext.  


Find tack and more in our store!

Did you know we sell more than just the best tack in town?

You will find handmade jewelry made by a local artist, including personalizable leather bracelets, earrings, and "bridle bling!" We have stuffed animals, colorful t-shirts, and copies of a children's book that was written by one of our own about, Goliath, one of the horses right here at the ranch!

Start shopping at our online tack and more store! 


In the Office

Meet Jennifer, one of our Office Administrative Assistants here at BMREC!


Jennifer has been working here since December of 2017. She is from Northern California and has a background in insurance work. In fact, Jennifer worked in the insurance industry for 15 years and currently owns her own insurance business. Jennifer and her husband Guy have four children, two girls and two boys, and two of her children also work here at the ranch. They also have two dogs, named Winter and Aspen. She works at BMREC as a hobby, because she used to breed and train horses a long time ago but she gave it up to take care of her kids. Now she appreciates being able to be around horses every week because she loves them. Her favorite thing about working at BMREC is the culture surrounding the ranch. Jennifer says, “I love being here because everyone is so happy, they always have a smile, and there are a lot of ranches that don’t have that. I moved here three years ago, and it took me three years to find a place like Bell Mountain Ranch.” 

In the Arena

Lynn, who hails from Chicago, has worked at BMREC for approximately four months. When asked what her most significant accomplishment this month is, she replied, “Getting my own horse.”

She says that her favorite thing about working for BMREC is “being around the horses all the time because they’re therapeutic. I haven’t had a bad day since I started here, because it’s hard to have a bad day around horses.” 

Her favorite quote is from John Green, in Turtles All The Way Down, one of her favorite books: “Spirals grow infinitely small the farther you follow them inward, but they also grow infinitely large the farther you follow them out.”

We're happy to have her on our team and wish to congratulate her on her new family member, her horse, Bentley!



Sue Lightner Clinic

Hunt Seat Equitation Clinic

Join Sue Lightner for two-days of coaching and personal training this month, which will help you to improve numerous areas while you ride and push you and your horse to the next level of riding together. This clinic offers three 90-minute sessions for you and your horse to choose from.

Learn more and register for Sue's Clinic

Summer Camps 2018

This month we will have week-long summer camp sessions for children ages 8-11 and ages 12-15, in each of these camps we will highlight horsemanship knowledge and we will also have skill-based riding lessons for each camp.

Learn more about our 2018 Summer Camps


Saddle Fitting Clinic

Saturday, June 16th

This saddle fitting clinic will be with “Saddle Hands” Ellen Fitzgerald, one of our trainers here at BMREC. In this clinic, we will have a 45 - 60-minute lecture followed by practical applications of saddle fitting. The clinic fee is $25/person, and we will also hold individual appointments after the clinic, which will cost $90/person. The clinic fee will be waived for the first two people who sign up for an additional appointment, so we recommend signing up for an individual appointment today!

Learn more and register

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