At the Ranch: September 2018

Summer's end take some pep from your step?

The fun has only just begun at BMREC. Spend September cantering with us.

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It's Love: Isabelle and Sugarpine

Meet Isabelle and her 17-year old gelding, Sugar Pine!

Isabelle, or Issy for short, is a Colorado native who has been riding horses since she was eight years old. She is currently 13. Issy has a passion for working with horses. In fact, when she grows up, she would like to go to Colorado State University (CSU) for a degree in equine sciences!

Issy told us that she wants to work rehabilitating abused and neglected horses after she receives her degree. But she also dreams of becoming an Olympic cross-country eventing rider! 
Sugarpine is a beautiful Sorrel Quarter horse that entered Issy’s life one year ago. Issy told us that “Sugarpine is very affectionate,” which is what she likes most about his personality.

When asked what she loves most about horses in general, Issy replied “that they are so smart and you can really bond with them, unlike other sports. [When working with horses,] you can bond with your equipment.”

Sugarpine has experience in western riding, ranch versatility, and horse clinics. He also used to train colts and fillies. Now, Issy is working with Sugarpine in dressage, jumping, and eventing.

One of the most significant challenges Issy and Sugarpine have overcome together is his temperament. Issy told us, “he [used to be] very spooky and would turn and run [from] almost everything.” Isabelle has even taught Sugarpine how to shake “hands” with his hooves!

When asked what she enjoys most about boarding here at BMREC, Issy responded, “everyone is so nice and accepting!” 

Staff Highlight

Miranda is one of our dedicated staff members


In fact, her dedication to her hard work here BMREC stands out so much that we named her 2017's “Employee of the Year!” We asked Miranda what she had to say about this award, and she said, “It felt very satisfying. I had been working at BMREC for a while and saw the place go through so many changes, and it was so great to be a part of the change as well as contribute to them. I felt like my hard work paid off as far as doing my part for this ranch just because every day I made it my priority to do the very best I could and even try to go over the top because this was such a great opportunity for me.

Miranda has been working at BMREC since October of 2016 and BMREC has gone through many changes since then. When asked what first drew her to horses, Miranda answered, “I had always wanted horses growing up. Both my parents were in westernaires, and I always wanted to follow in their footsteps, but we never could afford the expenses of having horses.” This is partly why Miranda chose to work at BMREC. She “really wanted to work with horses, and always wanted to work at a barn since [she] was young.” Miranda loves horses for the calmness they bring her. She has told us, “If I am ever having a bad day they can always make it better.”

Horses have been a part of Miranda’s life since she was young, and she see’s horses continuing to play a role in her life in the future. When she was little, she lived on a property with horses (and even llamas). She also took care of he Grandfathers’ horses when she was young. In the future, she sees herself owning a ranch with many animals, including horses.

Miranda told us that she enjoys the environment at BMREC. She especially likes all the horses and the people who come here. She also has big plans for the future. Miranda is 22 years old and has spent some time volunteer firefighting. Through her experiences volunteering, she has settled on the nursing profession. Miranda told us that as she was volunteering, she “had a certain call that made me feel like [she is] meant to be in this field. So [she] started getting all my prerequisites done." Now, she only has three more classes left before she starts nursing school in the spring.

Employee's Corner: New Faces at BMREC



Meghan, a 24-year-old stallmaster at BMREC, has a passion for barrel racing. This passion is what drew her to working at the Ranch. She competitively barrel races and is working toward a WPRA card. She also hopes to professionally barrel race in the future.

Meghan is currently reading a book called Mind Gym: an athletes guide to inner excellence, by Gary Mack and David Casstevens. Casstevens and Mack, a leading sports psychology consultant and counselor, share their insights on sports psychology.

Meghan hopes it will help her in her endeavors in barrel racing. She has told us that she thinks its very good so far.



Clarissa, a 25-year-old stallmaster, recently joined the BMREC family. She has a history with horses, one reason she decided to come to BMREC. "It seemed peaceful," she said, to be on a ranch and working with horses again.

When she was younger, Clarissa worked on a horse farm, caring for the horses.  More recently, she finished a year on active duty in the Air Force and was looking for a change of pace.

Clarissa is reading The Time Traveler's Wife in her spare time. It's a romantic fiction novel about the life of a woman whose husband can travel through time. 


Hannah, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Douglas County High School, is one of our stallmasters. When asked what drew her to BMREC, she answered, she "really likes horses."

Hannah has experience waitressing and customer service, but she also used to take care of her neighbor's horses during the summer. Her experience with horses inspired her to find more equestrian opportunities, which led her to us.

She is ecstatic to work with the animals she loves and the remarkable people who spend their time here. In her free time, Hannah is reading Thunderhead." This book is from the series, Arc of a Scythe, a science fiction series about utopia, corruption, technology, and human nature.