At the Ranch: January 2019


New Year’s Means … Resolutions

We’ve probably all made New Year’s Resolutions before, but to be honest, it’s been pretty hard for some of us to keep them. At least, some of us on the BMREC Newsletter team anyway. Can you relate to this?

 We’ve done some research on why resolutions can be so difficult to keep. If you are interested in reading our findings, as well as how to make resolutions that you can keep, download the guide!

Interested in hosting a group meet-up?

We’ve noticed that so many people in our community have strengths and interests in so many different areas. We want to know, would you be interested in hosting a group meet-up here at BMREC for members of our community? This could be teaching a class or a skill, leading others through areas that you are strong or talented in, or even leading hikes or trips around in the wider community. The possibilities are as unlimited as the talents and interests here at BMREC! So click the link below and let us know if you would be interested in leading or being a part of something like this!

Are you interested in a group meetup at BMREC?

Volunteer in 2019!

Volunteer work is the perfect way to give back to your community this month and the coming year. Did you do any volunteering this fall? Visit the link below to fill out a quick survey and you could be spotlighted in our February Newsletter!

We have compiled a list of resources to help anyone wanting to volunteer in the larger community. Check them out below! - Connecting Volunteers with Organizations in Douglas County, Colorado - The Town of Castle Rock has a variety of opportunities for volunteers. - Want to pitch in and help? There are lots of volunteering opportunities at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. - Volunteer at the Humane Society of Douglas County and help animals that the shelter wouldn’t otherwise be able to facilitate.

Boarder Spotlight: Wendy and Buddy

Wendy and Buddy have been together since January of 2004. Buddy is a 16 year old Arabian Bay gelding. Wendy loves how loving and protective that Buddy is, plus, he loves the outdoors and is willing to do anything! He has also enjoyed having young children be around him and work with him. Wendy and Buddy have lived in Colorado since October of 2017, which is right around the time they started boarding here at BMREC.

Wendy has owned Buddy since 2004, but she has been riding a lot longer than that! She first started riding at 8 years old, and has told us that since she was a young girl, she has really loved horses! She even has her plastic horses from her childhood to this day. She told us she has always wanted an Appaloosa, but instead, got Buddy as her first horse when he was just 1 ½ years old.

Wendy had a trainer teach her to train Buddy, and she trained him on the ground every day for 5 years. They became inseparable, but did not start out that way. They had to work through some trust issues because he was originally very skinny and neglected. But Wendy was going through a very hard time in her life so they bonded quickly. She has even told us that Buddy love it when she sings to him on their trail rides around Bell Mountain.

Wendy has a daughter and son who are both married now, but as they were growing up her care for them was her top priority. As her children became more independent, Wendy got involved in many adventures. She has been a coast guard auxiliary, worked at the YMCA in St. Louis, and worked as a school secretary. She alaos started an indoor golf facility, started a business for organizing others’ homes, and was a personal chef for her family. Now, she has 6 grandchildren, 5 boys and 1 girl, named Ava.

Wendy grew up in Kansas City, but has lived all over the United States with her husband. They lived in St.Louis, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wheaton, Illinois, and Lake of the Ozarks. In 2009, Wendy’s husband passed away from a brain tumor, so Buddy has very much become her soulmate. She is 62 now, but still enjoying and living life to its fullest! Wendy decided to pack up her belongings and move to Castle Rock on a whim, without knowing anyone, and start a new life.

Wendy loves Bell Mountain and all the trails (and so does Buddy)! She told us that her favorite thing about boarding here is sharing horse stories and encouraging the young girls. She said that “the girls bring back great memories of my childhood of riding and joy a horse brings to her heart!” What Wendy loves most about horses is “how they love you back and teach you about loving life!” She also loves the trust between a horse and their rider, and how when one invests their time to train them, they end up training you in return.

Employee Spotlight: Celestie

Celestie has worked here as an office assistant since September. Unlike many others here at BMREC, Celestie didn’t apply because of her experience with or love for horses. Although, she does like them quite a lot! Celestie told us that she saw an opening for an office assistant here and was looking for part time work. Celestie has been an office assistant in the past and thought the job sounded perfect because that was a line of work she was used to. Kathy, one of our wonderful and dedicated administrative heads, told us that when Celestie applied for the job “it was like magic. It all just came together.” Celestie agrees that finding the job opening here was “magical.” She really loves working in the office here, she really enjoys the environment. Although she doesn’t really know anything about horses, she still really likes them. She has always liked horses, but being around them has never quite lined up in her life before now.


Celestie is married with three children. She and her husband have two sons and one daughter. She and her family have lived here in Colorado for 9 years exactly. They moved here from Virginia on Christmas week, and even hit a blizzard the day they began traveling. Celestie told us that the day they left Virginia, Richmond got 12 inches of snow (which is more snow than she had seen the whole time they lived there!). Celestie grew up in San Diego and stayed there until she was in her early 20s, when she moved to North Carolina with her husband. Celestie told us that she loved North Carolina. She said that Southern Hospitality is very much a thing there. She absolutely loved the people and thought they were incredibly friendly. Celestie and her husband lived in North Carolina for 4 years before moving to Virginia.

New Employees at BMREC


Meet Megan and her horse, Wings. Megan has worked here at BMREC as a stall master for the last 2 months, but she also attends an online school while she isn’t working. She is 17 years old and is in her Junior year of high school. Megan dreams to study the brain as she continues in her education.

Megan was first attracted to working at BMREC by her love of horses. Megan is very passionate about horses and she considers one of her biggest hobbies to be riding. Megan has worked with horses before working here at BMREC, as she interned for her first trainer. But she has told us that what she likes best about working here is “the people and the environment at the barn.”

Although horses have played a large role in her life for the last five or six years, Megan first rode a pony when she was four at the Castle Rock Starlighting Ceremony and fell in love. Her favorite memory with a horse is the day when her parents gifted her her very first horse, and the day she was able to bring her home. What she loves most about horses is “that each horse has a different personality and they all act differently.”


Brent is another of our newest stall masters, but he’s not so new to BMREC. He has been working here since October, but he used to take lessons here with our trainer Michelle. Brent told us that he enjoyed being here so much he decided to apply for a job. In fact, his favorite thing about working here is his coworkers, and that they always have a good time together.

Brent is 22 years old. He is currently going to school for Animal Science and is “in the middle land between a sophomore and a junior.” Brent’s family had horses while he was a kid, but for a long time horses were not prevalent in his life. However, Brent’s interest in horses has really grown in the last three years. He has told us, “the past three years have been all about them [horses]!” Brent loves horses because they “are some of the most forgiving animals on earth.” He explains, “imagine me strapping a the hide of a dead animal to you and putting some metal in your mouth, and then hopping on your back and asking you to do what I ask. We really don’t deserve them.”


horsemanship club session 2.jpg

Quarterly Forum & Meet the Manager

Wednesdays, January 9th, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Please join us for our Quarterly Forum Meeting and Potluck, scheduled for Wednesday, January 9th at 6:30 pm. We encourage you to come with your favorite dish, enjoy great company, and meet BMREC’s new Manager.

A little about our new Ranch Manager, Matt Frazier

Matt comes to Bell Mountain Ranch from Wyoming, where he and his wife, Melinda, have lived for the past decade. A Montana native, Matt attended Montana State University. On an athletic scholarship, Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education.

While attending school, he worked as an assistant ranch manager on a private cattle ranch. There he trained performance and working ranch horses. Upon graduation, Matt moved to Wyoming to accept a position as an agriculture educator.

During his teaching career, he was recognized as the top young agriculture educator in the state. Later, he coached many FFA teams at both the state and national levels. Most recently, Matt managed a large cattle ranching operation outside of Cheyenne. He spent most of his time in the saddle monitoring herd health and maintaining the facility.

As the son of a ranch manager, Matt has spent his entire life around horses. He's adept at training colts and handling animals needing extra patience and horsemanship. Matt has also competed at the professional level in rodeo and is proficient in fine-tuning performance quarter horses.

Matt is also a certified equine dentist. He enjoys identifying and reducing dental issues. Most often, these issues translate into a decline in equine health and performance.

In his spare time, he enjoys custom leatherwork, welding, reading western novels, working with his horse, Monty, and spending time with his family. Matt's excited to join the team at Bell Mountain Ranch and getting acquainted with all the boarders and their horses.