At the Ranch: February 2019

Baby it’s Cold Outside

We recommend that you keep your horse’s hooves clipped. Well clipped hooves are less likely to chip in the cold. They hold less snow and will provide a bit more grip on the slippery ground.

Horses are much better adapted to the cold weather than we are.  But the cold weather requires extra time for a horse to cool down and dry out before turning out after a ride or blanketing.  

If your horse wears a blanket during winter weather make sure it fits well. This will prevent rubbing and chaffing. Remove the blanket to check for skin irritation and regular grooming will keep your horse more comfortable during months when a blanket is in use.

If you would like your horse blanketed during the colder months and are unable to do so yourself we are happy to help out. If you don’t already have one and are interested in adding this service to your boarding contract please contact the office @ (720) 639-9043

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