Austin started working here as a stall master at the end of June. He just recently finished his Masters Degree in Business and has been wanting to work with horses for a long time, so he applied here. He picked Bell Mountain Ranch Equestrian over other opportunities because of the mood and well known qualifications of our Ranch Manager, Matt.

He is a friendly person with a great attitude, and works hard to help  give your horse the best care possible. His favorite things about working here are that he gets to be around horses and loves interacting with you! In our interview, Austin had nothing but kind words to say about all the boarders here. Which we think is pretty special.

In the future, he hopes to open a facility to rescue horses in need, and to employ veterans coming back from war. He told us that there are so many times where people get horses thinking they can take care of them, but then end up not being able to. So there are a lot of horses in need. And from his experience, “pretty much any horse you rescue is just so grateful to you that you rescued them. And there is something empowering about being around horses and being able to ride them.” 

Which is just the beauty of horses.