Hiking and Horse Trails


Bell Mountain Ranch, with its rolling hills, private mountains, and abundant wildlife, was promoted from the beginning as an equestrian community with hiking and horse trails.  

The hiking and equestrian trail system was set up to be part of the Bell Mountain extensive open space and included portions of the 305 residential lots and commercial space. Together, these would form approximately 27 miles of hiking and horse trails and would be one of Bell Mountain’s “primary amenities.” 

In early 2000, Mickey Fouts signed a joint funding contract with the Bell Mountain Ranch Metro District to build the trails within Bell Mountain Ranch. With the assistance of Al Hawkins, who voluntarily laid out all the trails with a handheld GPS system, they personally walked every mile of the trails over the next three years, constructing the trails as they went. The spring of 2003 brought the completion of the trails and the arrangement of a trail maintenance agreement to keep the trails beautiful and in good repair.

With the completion of the trails in the Spring of 2003, Bell Mountain Ranch proceeded with a contract to maintain them. However, when the Metro District requested that the maintenance be turned over to them a year later, Mickey was relieved to no longer have the extra work and costs involved.